Snackbar announces dinner series with special guest Eve Flaschka

Published 7:53 am Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Snackbar is continuing its “Food of My People” dinner series this month with Snackbar cook Eve Flaschka.

Flaschka comes from a Polish-Jewish and Austrian background, and grew up celebrating each culture’s different dishes and ingredients.

She hopes to deliver these cultures to each guest in the same familiarity she had growing up with them.

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“The foods I chose were always my favorites to eat growing up, or hold some special sentiments behind them,” Flaschka said. “I ate a lot of different dishes, but I had clear preferences.”

The dinner will be held at 6 p.m. on Thursday at Snackbar and consists of a four-course meal, including challah, Matzah ball soup, braised brisket and babka.

Food of My People was started by Snackbar Chef Vishwesh Bhatt and spotlights a crossover of cuisines, bringing local talent who represent a variety of cultural backgrounds to the restaurant.

“Each one has been unique and great,” Bhatt said. “Folks are always asking us when the next one will be. We are continually looking for new folks to share their talents and stories so please recommend anyone that may be interested in being part of the series.”

While Flaschka is a cook at Snackbar, she will not be cooking on the night of the event. Instead, she will be sharing stories about the foods being served, like matzah ball soup.

“Matzah ball soup was always something I asked my mom for help with growing up,” she said. “I have a clear memory of hosting Passover at my house with all my closest friends, and my mom helping me build the matzoh balls which I served at dinner.”

Flaschka said her inspiration to cook blossomed as a child cooking with family members.

“My parents and grandparents are all passionate about cooking, and they’d invite me to help with the cooking process whenever I was little,” she said. “Though entrusting a 12-year-old with a hot pan of fatty foods, spitting hot oil everywhere, isn’t the safest idea, my family’s perseverance to let me learn allowed me to foster a love of cooking.”

Tickets for the event are currently available for purchase through