Mixed-use building approved for lot

Published 6:15 am Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Three-story structure between Isom Place, Oxford Floral

The Oxford Planning Commission unanimously approved the site plan last week for a proposed mixed-use building on the corner of 11th Street and Jefferson Avenue.

Currently, the lot, located between Isom Place and Oxford Floral, is empty.

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The owner is proposing a three-story building that will have light commercial space on the bottom floor and six residential condominiums on the top two floors. 

There will be seven parking spaces, though parking

was not required due to the location of the city’s downtown parking garage located across the street from the proposed building. The owner, Stefano Capomazza, chose to provide one space per unit and one accessible parking spot.

The design was approved by the Historic Preservation Commission in September.

A homeowner living in the residential neighborhood behind Jefferson Avenue told the commission the concerns about people parking in the nearby church’s parking lot, the extra traffic expected and, in particular, the fact delivery trucks will travel down 11th Street to serve the commercial businesses on the bottom floor. A letter with several signatures from neighbors voicing those concerns had been submitted to the commission.

The commission said they understood some of the concerns, but felt they were presented prematurely since it was unknown what type of businesses will be in the building and whether there will be any problems with traffic or trucks at this time.