Women arrested for damaging City Hall fountain must pay restitution

Published 12:45 pm Friday, April 26, 2024

Two women arrested last year for damaging the new fountain next to City Hall will have to pay restitution and stay out of legal trouble for the next year to avoid harsher consequences.

Abigail Fuqua, 19, of Virginia and Madison Brown, 18, of North Carolina were arrested in October and each charged with felony malicious mischief after they were caught on security cameras damaging the fountain.

The Rotary Club of Oxford had donated $5,000 for the sphere-shaped fountain.

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Brown and Fuqua were indicted on the felony malicious mischief charges by a grand jury in February. Last week, the two women entered the pre-trial intervention program for first-time offenders.

The women must jointly pay $5,500 in costs, fines and restitution. If the women are not arrested again and follow the terms of the agreement for one year, the felony charges will be expunged from their records, according to court records.