Post operation recovery, rehab going well

Published 7:33 am Wednesday, May 8, 2024

By Bonnie Brown

Hello! It’s Carly. I know you all were expecting my mom Bonnie to be writing her weekly column, but I asked if she might let me substitute for her.

As some of you know, I am a 9-year-old Cavachon (a mix of Bichon Frise and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel).  I’ve been with my mom and dad (Bonnie and Tom) since I was a pup.  My dad convinced my mom he needed a companion while she was still working part time.  He had recently had knee-replacement surgery and needed to walk as part of his rehab.  He convincingly told my mom this would be a good way to motivate him to get the exercise he needed by walking me every day and tending to me.  It was a great idea!  

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They found me at a breeder in Knoxville and I got to fly to Memphis.  I wasn’t afraid at all.  Evidently, my mom thought I would be scared or upset and was surprised that I was totally chill when she retrieved me to take me to Oxford.  

I learned in about 3 days that if I were whiny, my crate got moved from the living room to their bedroom at night.  And I also learned quickly that by not being whiny there but by exhibiting my sweet personality, I was invited to share their bed.  They were easy to train, and we have a good routine.  

Things have been going well until recently when I injured my leg.  I now know I shouldn’t have tried to jump into dad’s recliner unassisted.  It hurt and I had to have surgery to repair the injury.  No fun!  Everyone has been very nice and sympathetic.  My mom and dad got me a dog stroller to help during my recovery.  But my mom is afraid that all the neighbors are going to think she’s this crazy lady who pushes me around in a stroller!  However, I love it!  My recovery is going well, and I am pretty mobile now at this point in my rehab.  Might have to ditch the stroller.  

I love my family and all the attention I receive, especially from the nice neighbors. I have several boyfriends that I enjoy seeing when we are all out for our morning and evening walks.  There is the handsome Si, a Havanese, who lives next door.  He is frisky and attentive.  Then there is Chauncy, a handsome fella with coloring of tan and white, similar to me.  And of course, I must mention Jax.  He just got adopted recently.  He’s a good-looking fella with dark hair and he sent me a get-well card after my surgery. 

My dad is my favorite human although my mom comes in at a close second.  I have a very loving family.  But then they tell me all the time that I’m special.  

I don’t mean to brag, but I can tell time.  Just in case my family forgets when it’s time for lunch or dinner, I’m right there at my bowl on time to remind them.  And should they ignore me, I can give a quiet yip when I need to do “good doggy.”  I like to be with mom when she puts her makeup on and fixes her hair.  I listen for the noise she makes by opening and closing drawers when she’s ready to get dressed and I join her for our shared “glam time” when I also get my hair brushed.  I’m one lucky dog!  Thanks for reading my column.  Love, Carly