Property transfers in Lafayette County

Published 8:50 am Thursday, June 6, 2024

Compiled by Davis Coen

Property transfers between May 28-31, 2024, as recorded with the Lafayette County Chancery Clerk:

White Oak Ridge, LLC to Tyler McCraw, et al., Fraction of Section 17, Township 8 South, Range 2 West.
Quang Le and Ashlinn Webster to Christine Justice, Lot 15, Old Sullivan Subdivision.
McNeal, LLC to Brenda McIntyre, Units 201, 2604, Esplanade Condominiums; A fraction of Section 7,
Township 7 South, Range 3 West.
Long Land Investments, Inc. to Danny Busby and Donna Cates, A parcel in Section 35, Township 6,
Range 5.
M. Binford and Melissa M. Williams to Paul Hurst, 606-02 Van Buren Avenue.
Richard and Virginia Bryan to Winfred and Mary Medlock, Lot 230, The Heights Subdivision.
Tony and Debra Douglas to Chance Crites, Unit 8, Adelia Condominiums.
Oxford Commons IV, LLC to Michael and Pam Chandler, Lot 1, The Oaks of Oxford Commons.
Alexander and Brittany Lopez to Anna and Thomas Edgemon, Lot 47, Taylor Greene Subdivision.
Brian and Holly Rhodes to Clint and Karen Keltner, Lot 25 of The Gables Subdivision.
Joel and Whitney McGraw to Allen and Summer Adams, Lot 383, Wellsgate Subdivision.
Margaret and Bob Smith to Laura Drislane, Lot 5 of The Gables Subdivision.
Eddie and Ida Mae Southern to Eddie and Jalen Southern, 0.99 acres in Section 16, Township 7 South,
Range 3 West.
John and Nancy Kohne to Kari Davis, Lot 61, Quail Creek.
Nanda King to Tuyen Tran, Unit 44, West End Condominiums.
Blackacre Properties, LLC to Son Nguyen and Susan Ng, Unit 630, Rowandale Condominiums.
Jason and Catherine Lowe to Richard and Virginia Bryan, Lot 14, Grand Oaks Subdivision.
Nicholas James to Shreve Oak Circle, LLC, Unit 91, Old Oaks of Oxford.
Brandon and Jessica Hubbard to Brandon Hubbard, Lot 113, Briarwood Subdivision.
Susan and Kevin Duncan to David and Kelly Whitcomb, Lot 48, Oxmoor Place.
Bart and Kari Sutherland to David and Evelyn Silverstein, 3.75 acres in Section 12, Township 8 South,
Range 4 West.
Adam and Brooke Krizbai to Matthew McKenzie, Lot 56, Grand Oaks Subdivision.
Mark and Kimberly Dockins to KBE Holdings, LLC, Unit 27, Soleil Condominiums.
Robert and Vicki Swanson to Robert Swanson, Jr., Six tracts of land in Section 25, Township 9 South,
Range 1 West.
Anderson Road Holdings, LLC to William and Melissa Gregg, Unit 3, Meadow Crest Condominiums.
Hampton and Sandee Thames to Hotty Toddy Housing, LLC, Unit 215, Turnberry Condominiums.
Melissa and Robert Richardson to KBE Holdings, LLC, Unit 1103, Fleur de Lis Condominiums.
Kevin Westervelt and Tanner Sturk to RKFAM Oxford, LLC, Unit 35 1⁄2, Savannah Square Oxford.
James Davis Revocable Trust to Lorenzo Sohom and Manuela Chapeta, Southwest Quarter of Section
24, Township 8 South, Range 3 West.
Park 800, LLC to Laura Cialone, Unit 4204, 800 Park Condominiums.
Winn Walcott and Allison Abel to Robert Richardson, et al., Lot 26, Glen Alden Subdivision.
Forest Hill Development, LLC to Jason and Emily Bridges, Lot 56, Oakmont Subdivision.
Cynthia and Todd Palmer to Hernando Town Properties, LLC, Lot 99, The Lamar Subdivision.
JJM Holdings, LLC to Sidney Theus Holding Company, LLC, 1.5 acres in Section 29, Township 8 South,
Range 4 West.
Tammy Franklin to Wallace Franklin, Fraction of Lot R95, Windsor Falls Subdivision.
Williams Real Estate, LLC to Andy and Meredith Dannewitz, Unit 229, Oxford Station Expanded
Clay Carlock Living Trust to James McDonald, Unit 219, Oxford Station Expanded Condominiums.
Stephanie Anderson to Jeana Tidwell, 0.5 acres in Section 34, Township 9 South, Range 3 West.
Jeana Tidwell to Stephanie Anderson, 0.5 acres in Section 34, Township 9 South, Range 3 West.
Anderson Road Holdings, LLC to Kevin and Sarah Yearick, LLC, Unit 58, Meadow Crest Condominiums.
John Dubberly, et al. to Richard and Sherry Copper, Lot 8, Notting Hill Subdivision.
Louis and Bethanie Chamblee to Ryan and Murell Foster, Lot 116, Grand Oaks Subdivision.
Robert and Christy Loper to Christy and Tyler Harson, Unit J3, Old Taylor Place.
Chad and Amy McCulley to Chad Carwile, A fraction of Section 15, Township 10 South, Range 5 West.

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