Lafayette County property transfers

Published 11:25 am Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Compiled by Davis Coen

Property transfers between June 3- 7, 2024, as recorded with the Lafayette County Chancery Clerk:

Anderson Road Holdings, LLC to Charles Dukes, et al., Unit 32, Meadow Crest Condominiums.
Elizabeth Breeland to Jacob Smith, Unit 362, Turnberry Condominiums.
Judson and Marissa Watson to Rachael Flowers, Unit 34 of Old Oaks of Oxford Condominiums.
Monte Wood to Joshua and Mary White, Lot 30, Avent Acres Subdivision.
Baker Martin to Molly Martin, A fraction of Sections 1 and 2, Township 9 South, Range 3 West.
William Austin, III, et al. to KBE Holdings, LLC, Unit 116, Turnberry Condominiums.
Pankaj Pandey and Krishna Chaturvedi to Patricia and Richard Krema, Lot 86, Briarwood Subdivision.
Lori Applebaum to Justin Hudson, Southeast Quarter of Section 25, Township 9 South, Range 2 West.
Allen and Debbie Hartfield to Kristin Baker, Lot 8 of Jacob Place Subdivision.
Daniel and Rhonda Gallagher to Alexa Currie, Unit 5, Savannah Square Oxford.
Scott and Terri Boddy to Charles Rushing and Carmen Riggan, Lot 192, The Lakes Subdivision.
Michael Ambrose to Britton and Gina Phelps, Unit 2707, The Mark Condominiums.
Timothy Taylor to Right-Way Realty, LLC, Lot 11, Graystone Pointe.
Rhudy Rentals, LLC to Jonathan and Jessica Nelson, Unit 22, Autumn Ridge.
Brian and Cheri Wuertz to The Twyman Towery Revocable Living Trust, Unit 2501, Fieldstone Farms.
Sriram Kanakamedala to Christopher Hughes, Lot R18, Retreat Square at Wellsgate.
Wesley Burcham to CKM Properties, LLC, Lot T43, Southpointe Subdivision.
E. Lance and Caroline Felker to Joseph and Lauren Raper, Lot 26, East Wind Estates.
North Lamar Construction, LLC to William and Elizabeth Sanders, Lot 23 of The Lamar Subdivision.
Boucvalt Real Estate, LLC to Durham Bryce, Unit 2, Château Belle Court.
Daniel and Mindy Withrow to Gregory and Kelly Liebbe, Unit 27 of Stillwater Oxford Condominiums.
Mitchell Clark to Fresh Properties, LLC, A tract in Section 6, Township 8 South, Range 3 West.
Henry and Ruby Key to David and Andrea Francis Unit 1001, Fleur de Lis.
Andrew Glaze to Marcus and Jill Castilla, Unit J7, Old Taylor Place.
Wedgewood Cove, LP to Thomas Reynolds and Reynolds Holdings, LLC, Unit 15, Wedgewood Cove.
Nicholas Raspo, et al. to Johnny and Kelley Green, Lot 20, Cumberland Place.
Jessica Perkins to Ethan and Kaylee Holmes, Lot 27, Oxford Creek.
Rickey and Olivia Raine to Paige and Joel Weyenberg, Lot 43, Briarwood Subdivision.
Grant Circle Investments, LLC to Lee and Sara Jones, Lot 35, Tate’s Cedar Hills.
Brenton Hamil, et al. to CHB Rebels, LLC, Unit 324, The Crossing at Oxford Commons Cottage
Collegiate Properties, LLC to Anna Buskirk, A parcel in Section 28, Township 8 South, Range 3 West.
Wedgewood Cove, LP to Thomas Reynolds, 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8, Wedgewood Cove.
Allison McCord to Surya Gunasekara, Unit 803, Augusta Place.
Anderson Road Holdings, LLC to Timothy and Stephanie Mullins, Unit 13, Meadow Crest.
DV Homes, LLC to Kevin and Kimberly Westervelt, Lot 20, Mayfield Subdivision.
Anderson Road Holdings, LLC to Tyler and Amy Bennett, Unit 14, Meadow Crest.
Nathan Smith to Andrea Staten, Unit T44, Southpointe Subdivision.
Rhett and Elizabeth Gore to Chandresh Jagruti Patel, 2.428 acres in Section 5, Township 9 South,
Range 2 West.
Kelly and Charles Whorl to Nicholas and Stacey Raspo, Unit 231, Old Oaks of Oxford.
North Lamar Construction, LLC to Robert and Michelle Alexander, Unit 27, The Lamar Subdivision.
Clayton and Ashton Karcher to Cleo Dellasandro, Lot 26, The Gables.
Phillip and Abigael Smith to Derek Clever and Cheri Hardin, Lot 96, Briarwood Subdivision.
Wesley and Brandy Morasch to Michael Larson, Unit 414, 514 Jackson Condominiums.
Janis and John Parker to John and Bethany Parker, A part of Sections 3, 10, and 11, Township 10 South,
Range 3 West.

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