Stronger Together Oxford helps to unite community partners

Published 1:40 pm Friday, June 14, 2024

CoreLogic, a leading global provider of property information, analytics, and data-enabled solutions, celebrated its second annual Cares Day in May, a day dedicated to giving back to local communities worldwide.

With 85 employees participating, the company collectively contributed approximately 300 service hours to various community projects.
Cares Day was instituted to further promote philanthropy and make a significant global impact.

Diana Richardson from CoreLogic emphasized the importance of the day.

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“The goal was really to have a day where we could make a big global impact in the communities where we live and work,” she said.

The event saw employees engaging in diverse activities, including assembling Lovepacks for children, aiding the Animal Resource Center, assisting at Fuller House, volunteering at the Mississippi State Veterans Home and constructing a Little Free Library.

Looking ahead to Cares Day 2025, Richardson expressed her desire to increase the impact even further, particularly with Lovepacks, aiming for a personal goal of assembling 1,000 of them.

CoreLogic’s collaboration with Stronger Together Oxford Community Volunteer Hub enhanced the event’s impact. By partnering with local affiliates and community organizations, CoreLogic extended its reach to benefit a wider range of causes, including veterans’ homes and Lovepacks.

For businesses interested in initiating similar initiatives, Stronger Together Oxford Community Volunteer Hub offers expertise in curating impactful volunteering experiences, aligning with the broader mission of promoting community well-being and positive social change.

Corporate volunteering not only enhances a company’s reputation but can also boosts employee morale, job satisfaction and community engagement. Moreover, it fosters personal and professional growth for employees while providing vital support and resources to communities.