Property transfers

Published 3:21 pm Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Compiled by Davis Coen


Property transfers between June 24-28, 2024, as recorded with the Lafayette County Chancery Clerk:

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John and Kristen Caldwell to Westbrook Martin, IV, Unit L4 of Old Taylor Place.

Molly Barr 124, LLC to Cory and Sarah Langston, Unit 88, The Bluffs West.

Phillip and Karen Moore to Lorilyn Kirkland, Unit 300, Old Oaks of Oxford.

The Crossing at Oxford Commons, LLC to Heath and Keaton Leax, Unit 210, The Crossing at Oxford Commons Cottage Condominiums 3.

Anne Lehman to Ralph and Sara Dyer, Unit 117, Old Oaks of Oxford.

Merion Development, LLC to Bryant and Emily Watson, Lot 38 of Merion Subdivision.

Chuck and Jennifer Kyrish Revocable Trust to Dennis and Marni Tisza, Unit 4, 234 Elm Street Condominiums.

Barry Sharp to The Avion Group, Inc., Northeast Quarter of Section 20, Township 10 South, Range 2 West.

North Lamar Construction, LLC to Dan and Danielle Coburn, Lot 70, The Lamar Subdivision.

Orlando Millan and Noreidys Bolanos to Nicole Ramirez, et al., Lot 49, Twin Gates Subdivision.

Molly Barr 124, LLC to Jonathan and Anna Bagley, Unit 62, The Bluffs West.

Ronald and Heidi Smith to Nho Dao and Bao Hoang, Lot 313, Charleston Court. 

Matthew and Jennifer Mott to Ronald and Heidi Smith, Lot 67, Northpointe Subdivision.

Diane Faircloth to Truman and Mallory Earl, Unit F8, Old Taylor Place.

Wesley Hatcher to Wesley Hatcher and Shelbia Deakyne, 27.55 acres in Section 33, Township 8 South, Range 2 West.

Rodney and Kathleen Schanefelt to Carter and Benjamin Short, Unit 458 of Rowandale Condominiums.

Miller Speculation, LLC to Hicham Mouriha and Somaya Tekrouri, Unit 10, The Carrollton Condominiums.

Hayden Wilkerson to Timothy Lett and Claire Newell, Lot 51, Shelbi’s Place.

Samy and Lisa El-Feraly to Laila El-Feraly, et al., Unit 25, Russelin’ Leaves Condominiums.

  1. Wayne Perkins to Victoria and Jacob Higginbotham, Lot 39, Twin Gates Subdivision.

Michael Sellers to Mary Jo Sellers, A portion of Section 28, Township 8 South, Range 3 West.

Corey and Rhonda Allen to BWA Properties, LLC, Lot 22, Oakshire Park Subdivision.

North Lamar Construction, LLC to Charles and Dawn Barnett, Lot 35, The Lamar Subdivision.

Rebecca Pryor to Rebecca and Ariel Pryor, One acre in Section 32, Township 9 South, Range 4 West.

Mary Churchill-Medlock to Shoaf Properties, Inc., Unit 63, Stillwater Oxford Condominiums.

Graydon and Abigail Flowers to James and Denise Redfearn, Lot 118, Wellsgate Subdivision.

North Lamar Construction, LLC to Robert and Lindsey Taylor, Lot 72, The Lamar Subdivision.

The Carla Wyffels Trust to Keith O’Brien, Unit 62, Oxford Square Townhouses.

Bailey Moorhead, et al., to Jade Craig, Lot 51, Langston Mile Village.

Kat Cole Holdings, LLC to Jill and Brian Burke, Unit 203, The Mark Condominiums.

William and Elizabeth Sanders to The Hakes Living Trust, Lot 23, The Lamar Subdivision.

Tanner and Meredith Bullock to John and Bailey Raybon, Lot 21, Taylor-Greene Subdivision.

Brandon Baggett to BRC3 Family Limited Partnership, Unit 34 of Stillwater Oxford Condominiums.

Denise and James Redfearn to Robert Nance, IV, Lot R93, Windsor Falls Subdivision.

Jonathan and Anna Poss to Ryan James, Unit 10, Old Oaks of Oxford.

The Crossing at Oxford Commons, LLC to Forest Hayes, et al., Unit 416, The Crossing at Oxford Commons.

James and Elizabeth Willis to Randell and Maggie Kirby, Unit 141, Old Oaks of Oxford.

Lance and Tara LaFont to Mark and Monica Adams, Lot 5, Pine Needle Estates.

Jessica and Jonathan Stovall to Claire and Vincent Alerding, Lot 156, Twelve Oaks Estates.

Grover and Mary Kinney to Daniel and Haley Thacker, Lot 81, Taylor-Greene Subdivision.

Anderson Road Holdings, LLC to Ryan and Jennifer Haley, Unit 57, Meadow Crest Condominiums.

North Lamar Construction, LLC to Virginia Gamble, Lot 29, The Lamar Subdivision.

Anderson Road Holdings, LLC to Dudley and Kelli Phelps, Unit 60, Meadow Crest Condominiums.

Timothy and Paula Perkins to Courtney Walker, Unit 10, Autumn Ridge Condominiums.