Sunday’s Good Sense: Why retail therapy doesn’t work


Some trials we hope grads never have to face

By Steve Stricker Columnist Wednesday, May 8, 2024, peaceful, beautiful Ole Miss, secure, historic Oxford, Mississippi, middle of ...


Missed opportunity, but Medicaid talk changed this session

By Sid Salter Columnist While not an absolute, it’s been my experience that political change comes slowly in ...


It’s a celebration going on around here

By Les Ferguson, Jr. Columnist This past Sunday was my birthday. You can hold the applause and catcalls. ...


Post operation recovery, rehab going well

By Bonnie Brown Columnist Hello! It’s Carly. I know you all were expecting my mom Bonnie to be ...


1788 book set math course for Americans

By Gene Hays MSgt. USMC (Ret) By 1785 Americans were ready for new math. In 1773, the sixth ...


Sunday’s Good Sense: Fall down 7, get up 8


Continuing to stand with Israel

By David McRae State Treasurer The October 7 Hamas attack on Israel was just one episode in a ...


There are only two kinds of shootings

By Thomas L. Knapp On April 15, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed was sentenced to 18 months in prison for involuntary ...


Room for one more classic car in driveway

By Steve Stricker Columnist Henry Ford did not invent the automobile, didn’t build his first car until 1896, ...


Still holding hands and eating Mississippi catfish

By Les Ferguson Columnist If I’ve done the math right, it was 1983. We were oh-so-young, and so ...


If you grow too fast, the moment won’t last

By Harold Brummett Denmark Star Route The Oxford Chamber of Commerce sent out an interesting email. “33 million ...


Give yourself permission to do as you wish

By Bonnie Brown Columnist Tom and I attended an event recently and were talking with friends about our ...


Cofield’s Corner: One of Oxford’s finest moments

By John Cofield Most small towns mark their worth and validate their greatness by remembering and telling the ...


Sunday’s Good Sense: It’s all temporary


‘Manhunt’ and who was the real Mary Simms?

By Gene Hays Msgt. USMS (Ret) Although Apple TV+’s Manhunt centers on the search for President Abraham Lincoln’s ...


Coach Kiffin now on the all-time hero’s list

By Steve Stricker Columnist When my dad died at the way too young age of 54, I had ...


After ‘Wayfair,’ sales tax across state lines remains confusing

By Sid Salter Columnist Back in 2018, the Supreme Court changed the way remote sales tax was assessed ...


May an elephant caress you with his toes

By Les Ferguson, Jr. Columnist I’m not a birder. With apologies to my birder friends, I’m not old ...


Senior Day road trip with the family

By Harold Brummett Denmark Star Route My sister Genell asked if I was going to Senior Day (S.AL.T. ...


Routine days seems to fit us all

By Bonnie Brown Columnist So, this is how my day begins. I stumble out of bed and stumble ...


Cofield’s Corner

By John Cofield In its current life, the building off the Square on Jackson now holds Funky’s. But ...

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