Planning Department approves renovations at Jackson Avenue Chic-Fil-A

The Oxford Planning Department gave its administrative approval for renovations to the Chick-Fil-A restaurant on Jackson Avenue during the Oxford Planning Commission meeting Monday evening.

Renovations to the restaurant include expanding the drive-thru service capacity, as well as increasing the number of parking spaces, according to the site plans.

The Planning Department administratively approved the proposed modifications, as they were less than 5,000 square-feet. This meant the Planning Commission did not need to take action.

The case presented Monday was to inform the Planning Commission of the administrative approvals.

The most significant renovations include adding another lane to the drive-thru service.

According to the plans, the current drive-thru lane to the west of the restaurant will be replaced with a turnaround that will keep the parking lot separate from the drive-thru traffic.

The plans also detail the addition of more parking for Chic-Fil-A. Currently, there are 42 parking spaces, and the plans will provide 44 parking spaces. Fifteen of these spaces will be offsite, and shared parking with an agreement with the Oxford Galleria I Shopping Center.

According to the site plans, six parking lot trees, shrubs and other ornamental grasses will also be planted on the west side of the property. The plans say the foliage meets required standards.