Neilson seeking his first office with Board of Supervisors candidacy

Ed Neilson is venturing into uncharted waters. Once Jeff Busby announced his candidacy for the Lafayette County circuit clerk office and not seeking re-election for his District 2 seat on the Board of Supervisors, Neilson knew someone needed to step up. He decided he would be that someone.

Having never served in any public office, elected or otherwise, outside of holding positions at his church, Neilson is running his first campaign, as he will try to fill the seat Busby is vacating.

“I’ve known Jeff Busby for many years and I thought he was doing a fine job,” Neilson said. “I hadn’t heard of any talk of anybody stepping up and I think that it takes people willing to step forward and continue the work that’s already been started.”

After talking it over with his wife, Neilson made it official on Jan. 2, which was the first day people could file their paperwork for 2019 elections. Since that day the District 2 race has become one of the most contested supervisor seats in this year’s election with seven candidates. District 3 also has seven candidates, including incumbent David Rikard.

Joining Neilson in the District 2 race are Larry Gillespie, Ava Halon Bonds Gossett, Leslie Spense, Max Hill, Darryl L. Booker and Joshua McGlawn. Neilson is running as a democrat along with Gossett, Spense, Hill, Booker and McGlawn. Gillespie is still the lone republican in the race. The deadline to file for this year’s election cycle is March 1.

“We’re in for a penny, in for a pound, now,” Neilson said. “I had a remodeling and renovation business for a number of years here. So, I know what it takes to run a business, to have a budget and to stick to that budget. (I know how to) work with government, because as a builder in this town you have a lot of government to work it. I say all that to say to say that I think I can bring an experienced, common sense approach to decision making.”

Neilson is the master carpenter in the Ole Miss Theater department.

Some of the issues making up Neilson’s platform involve the county’s infrastructure as well as wanting to continue the progress of co-opting internet to county residents.

Primaries for the 2019 elections will take place on Aug. 6 with the general election being held on Nov. 5.