Supervisors race adds 2 names; Busby gets competition for circuit clerk

Two more names have entered the Lafayette County Supervisors race, while an outgoing supervisor has new competition in his race.

Scott Michael and Derek Mooney have entered the Supervisors race, while Karen Curtis Borden has also qualified to run in the County Circuit Clerk race, according to an updated list of Lafayette County Candidates.

Borden will run against current District 2 Supervisor Jeff Busby, who has been the only candidate for circuit clerk since he announced his candidacy in December 2018.

Borden is running as a democratic candidate. She and Busby, who is also a democratic candidate, will enter a primary election on August 6th.

Michael and Mooney are running in much more crowded races in the Supervisors race.

Mooney, a republican candidate, is running for the District 4 Supervisors seat. There are three other candidates in District 4, and both are democratic candidates.

Chad McLarty, the incumbent candidate, and Scott Allen will enter the primary election, and the winner will advance to the general election where they will run against Mooney.

The 2019 general election is on November 5th.

By qualifying for the District 3 race, Michael ties District 3 with District 2 as the most crowded race in Lafayette County.

Both District 2 and District 3 have seven candidates each, however District 3 is the more diverse race.

District 3’s candidates include three democratic, three republican and one independent candidate. Michael is the third republican candidate, and will run against Davii Jo Chinault and the incumbent candidate David Rikard in the primary election.

The winner of that primary election will face whoever wins the democratic primary, which is between Dale Timothy Gordon, Alonzo Hilliard and Cynthia Parham, and the lone independent candidate, Lakeisha Borum.

The District 2 race is heavy with democratic candidates, as six of the seven candidates are democrats.

Joshua McGlawn, Darryl Booker, Maxwell Hill, Leslie Spence, Ava Halon Bonds Gossett and J.E. Neilson are the democratic candidates in District 2, and the lone republican candidate is Larry Gillespie.