Lafayette County Road Department closing roads due to flooding

Lafayette County residents that take County Road 100, or Highway 314, to get home will have to take a detour.

The county road department has closed County Road 100 at the bridge, due to water coming over the bypass as heavy rain pours over Lafayette County, according to an email from the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department.

In an email to parents, the county is advising traffic from out in that area to go from County Road 100, to County Road 107, to County Road 105 and to Highway 6 to get around the closed roads.

In order to get into the area, traffic is being advised get off of Highway 6 onto County Road 105, turn left onto County Road 105, which will take them to County Road 100.

The email also says County Roads 428, 383, 107, 129 and 457 have also accumulated water.

The message with all of the road closing was also send in a text to parents from the Oxford School District.