Oxford, Lafayette school districts deserve more recognition

As the 2018 year closes, there’s one outstanding thing we, as a community, need to commend.

Both school districts in Oxford, the Oxford School District and Lafayette County School District, received “A” ratings from the Mississippi Department of Education, and are still striving for more.

These are goals that school districts shoot for, and both districts were honored last week by the Department of Education, in ceremonies that took place last Thursday, but these honors were given out in October.

Lafayette County received an A rating for the first time since 2012. The effort necessary to reach this status goes beyond just schoolwork, and, most importantly, it shows the district has been striving for this kind of rating for years.

“This has been our goal and we have worked over the past several years to achieve this goal,” LCSD Superintendent Adam Pugh told the EAGLE on October 12.

That work has finally paid off, and it’s inspiring to know that, although the results might not be the same year-to-year, the district still holds itself to the standards it sets. Lessons in the district’s body of work are what children, on all grade levels, deserve to see.

When it comes to Oxford School District, having received an A rating for the sixth year in a row, has decided to focus on adding to their curriculum.

Their application to be a part of the District of Innovation will allow for students to have an opportunity to earn associate’s degrees at the completion of their high school studies.

Even if the school board decides not to go through with the designation, it’s still exemplifies how the school is aiming to find more ways to better the students in our community.

“I really feel like we are in the perfect place as well as a place to do something special,” Roberson said at a school board meeting on November 26.

Agreed, Mr. Roberson. And this body of work, for both districts, deserves more recommendation.