LaKeisha Borum takes on crowded District 3 as independent candidate

LaKeisha Borum was in church after the new year, when she got the sign she needed.

The life-long Oxford resident was trying to decide whether or not she should run for the Lafayette County Board of Supervisors District 3 seat, and had been looking into the opportunity since late November.

After conferring with close friends, Borum was still on the fence until she heard that Sunday’s sermon, which preached “finish what you started.”

“Even if we’re scared, we just need to do it anyway,” Borum said. “This was confirmation that I need to run.”

The sermon finally convinced Borum to run, and she will attempt to bring an eager personality and a fresh perspective to the Board of Supervisors in her campaign.

Borum is already in a crowded district, as there’s six candidates running for the District 3 seat. But the opportunity to run to be a Supervisors gives Borum and opportunity to pave the way for others, and potentially more representation. 

“It is a crowded table, which I’m hoping to bring a lot to,” she said. “I’m from oxford, I grew up here. I hadn’t always felt that I was part of Oxford, in a sense. I wanted to be more involved.”

Growing up, there weren’t many officials or politicians that Borum could look to for inspiration to run. It’s why Borum was so hesitant to run in the first place.

However, since she announced her campaign and officially qualified, Borum said she’s been thanked in public for being an example for a younger generation. This younger generation is one she wants to inspire with her own space. 

Specifically, Borum wants the supervisors to reflect how diverse the Lafayette County community is, saying it’s time for something different.

“We have to be more responsible in creating more spaces for ourselves,” Borum said. “I was just compelled for all to feel included.”

Borum is also one of only two independent candidates running for Lafayette County office in 2019. The only other is Jeff South, who is running as an independent candidate in the Lafayette County Sheriff race. 

However, running as an independent is a way for Borum to show that political affiliation isn’t important for the Supervisors seat. Instead, she’ll be running for the opportunity to do the most important thing, which is providing for a fast growing community.

“I’m not going to pick up the phone and ask are you a democrat or a republican. That doesn’t matter to me,” Borum said. “What’s important is moving the community forward.”

In order to move the county forward, Borum said she wants the County and District 3 to know she prides herself as a listener.

Not just a listener for all the issues and concerns the county might have, but just as a listener in general. This is where her passion is going to show the most in her campaign. 

“We need someone who can keep up with the changes we’re going through,” Borum said. “I promise voters that I’ll work with the other board members that we’re moving this community in the right direction.”