Brain and Spine Network is advancing neurosurgical care throughout the region

Sponsored by Baptist Memorial -North Mississippi

In 2015, Baptist Memorial Health Care and Semmes Murphey Clinic partnered to form the Brain & Spine Network, bringing together two of the region’s most trusted health care providers.  The focus for the Brain & Spine Center Network is to provide access to high-quality brain and spine care to support patients and families from prevention through long-term care.  “By combining the clinical expertise and resources of both organizations, the Brain and Spine Network is advancing neurosurgical care throughout the region,” said Kim Hallum-Stewart, System Administrator of Neurosciences at Baptist Memorial Health Care Corporation.   In 2018, the Brain and Spine Network and Baptist Medical Group opened the Comprehensive Spine Center located in Oxford, Mississippi.

The Spine Center was established to provide evidence-based, protocol-driven care for patients who suffer from back and neck pain.

“We offer the same neurological services, surgery, rehabilitation and neck and back pain services provided in Memphis, and the services of all the SMC physicians are available in Oxford,” said Bill Henning, CEO and Administrator at Baptist North Mississippi.  “Our team of doctors are top in the field and we are very thankful to have them in Oxford to care for our patients.”

The Spine Center provides care for patients suffering from both chronic and acute back and neck pain.  Less than 5% of back pain patients need surgery. Most respond to non-surgical treatments such as physical therapy and pain blocks.  The Spine Center uses guidelines developed by a team of experts to treat these patients without long-term pain medication.

Back pain is a common disorder in the United States, with an estimated 80% of adults experiencing low back pain at some point in their lives.  Defined as back pain that lasts six weeks, acute low back pain is the most common cause of job-related disability and a leading contributor to days missed from work.  It is estimated that the total direct (medical treatment costs) and indirect (lost wages and reduced productivity) cost associated with low back pain in the United State exceeds $100 billion per year.  This prevalence and economic impact underscore the importance of defining evidenced-based guidelines for care.

The lifetime occurrence of neck pain is as high as 71%.  Neck pain is often self-limiting, but there is a high rate of recurrence and development of chronic neck pain (as high as 30%).  Few patients lose time from work and less than 1% develops neurological deficits.

In most cases, the cause of neck pain can be diagnosed without imaging and conservative treatment and self-care are the mainstays of therapy.  Generally, physical therapy should be reserved for patients with neck pain lasting more than 6 weeks.

You do not need to travel for to get relief from back and neck pain. Our doctors are here with you throughout your entire healthcare journey.  The Spine Center in Oxford provides comprehensive care with cutting-edge diagnostics and customized treatments with more than 100 years of innovation, expertise and advanced care for your back and neck – all under one roof.

Don’t suffer any longer.  Make your appointment at The Spine Center by calling 662.636.2451.