Kearny (NJ) Walmart shooting: Police shot suspected shoplifter fleeing in car

Published 10:48 pm Friday, September 16, 2016

A suspected shoplifter was shot in the parking lot of a Kearny, New Jersey Walmart by a police officer. The suspected shoplifter was fleeing in a car and reportedly coming toward the officer, so the police officer and hit the man.

The suspected shoplifter who was fleeing in the car from the Kearny Walmart is Ramon Martinez, 43, of Newark. Martinez was hit in an extremity, according to reports, but is in stable condition. He was accompanied in the car by another man, Diego Dosreis, 28, also of Newark.

Martinez was charged with multiple counts including eluding, receiving stolen property and shoplifting while Dorseis was charged with receiving stolen property, according to a report from

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“The suspect is believed to have been a fleeing shoplifter and he threatened the officer with his vehicle,” Kearny Mayor Al Santos said, according to “The officer had to respond. He shot at the suspect because he was threatened by the suspect’s vehicle as he tried to get away from the police officer trying to apprehend him.”

The Kearny Walmart is a Supercenter that is open 24 hours a day. It is a high traffic retail center in Kearny, on Harrison Avenue, that is a centerpiece in the community. Kearny, in Hudson County, is a suburb of Newark.

Its population is about 40,000.