Walgreen’s Christmas Day hours: Open, closed times

Published 9:36 am Sunday, December 25, 2016

It’s Christmas Day 2016 and you need medicine, milk or a late gift.

Most stores are closed today — but good news on Walgreen’s: It is open today, on Christmas 2016.

You won’t find many stores open on Christmas Day 2016. It’s the one day of the year just about everybody takes a day off, including grocery stores.

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But most Walgreen’s stores are open on Christmas Day 2016.

The 24 hour stores won’t close on Christmas Eve and will remain open on Christmas Day. Stores not typically 24 hours will open on Christmas Day from 8 a.m. t0 10 p.m. on Christmas Day 2016.

Walmart is closed on Christmas Day, as are most Target stores.