The South Mississippi Art League (SMAL) will show their work at Oxford Treehouse Gallery

Published 6:00 am Sunday, February 26, 2017

The South Mississippi Art League will be exhibiting their work at Oxford Treehouse Gallery through the middle of March.

Established in 2015, the SMAL allows coast-based artists to promote and show their work. With this particular exhibit, 12 artists will be on display: Pat Abernathy, Carolyn Busenlender, Paulette Dove, Kat Fitzpatrick, Sandra Halat, Stacey Johnson, Carmen Lugo, Patt Odom, George Ann McCullough, Cissey Quinn, Julia Reyes, and Norma Seward.

The SMAL was created with the intention of bringing together artists from different creative backgrounds to establish networks and a unified support system.

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Vivian Neill, who opened the Treehouse Gallery just under three years ago with her husband, Walter, welcomes collaborations with other art galleries.

“I have found that collaborating with other art gallery owners and organizers of arts groups is not only beneficial to everyone involved in promoting the arts, but invigorating in general,” she said. “I feel new friendships developing as we work with the SMAL on our new exhibit.”

In fact, their previous show, “Tied Together” was a collaboration with the Oxford Fiber Arts Festival, Visit Oxford, the University Museum and the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council.

“It was a huge success,” Vivian said. “We are so grateful to the Oxford community for helping put us on the local art radar. We’ve just begun to explore what can happen in our little corner of Lafayette County.”

The exhibit will run to March 18.

The Treehouse Gallery (328 County Road 418) is open Thursday through Saturday from 12 to 6 p.m. and by appointment.