Oxford Bridal, Delta State sororities donate hundreds of prom dresses for Oxford High School students

Published 7:31 pm Saturday, March 4, 2017


Going to prom can be a costly proposition.

Thankfully, some Oxonians have found a way for Oxford High School students to attend who might not otherwise be able to due to their financial situation. At 6 p.m. on March 9 at OHS, dresses will be available for students to borrow for the big night.

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Girls Fitness Coach Rose Hickey said the idea came to her about a year ago. “(I) was having a discussion with some students, and we all just said ‘let’s do this’, let’s host this event and provide students with everything they need to have a magical prom,” she said.

Corinne Jackson, an OHS PTO member, had similar thoughts and had already started gathering dresses for students when she found out Hickey was doing the same project. After reaching out to Hickey, the pair decided to join forces.

“She had it much more formalized through the school than I did,” Jackson said. “I was just planning on collecting dresses and finding a way to get them to the students that needed them. Rose had an event planned around it.”

The event will take place in the fitness room at OHS, an ideal space for dress fittings due to mirrors lining the walls.

“It’s much more of a fun fashion event than anything else,” Jackson said. “We have over 300 dresses and the girls will be able to just come up there. We’ll also have shoes and jewelry if they need them.”

Jackson said Oxford Bridal has been instrumental in pulling off the event. Delta State University sororities have teamed up to donate over 100 dresses, as well.

And the event and donations aren’t limited to dresses. At least 10 boys are going to the prom who wouldn’t be attending otherwise, thanks to tuxedo donations.

When asked what her motivation was behind starting the event, Hickey’s goal was simple.

“Every girl should have the opportunity to attend their high school prom and look fabulous, no matter what,” she said.

It is recommended that students who are interested in getting a dress for the prom email Rose Hickey ahead of the event on March 9. She can be reached at rhickey@oxfordsd.org.