Local volunteers thanked at the Pantry in Oxford during annual Mayor and County Recognition Day for Nation Service

Published 10:16 am Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Multiple service groups came out to the Pantry in Oxford to volunteer their time during the annual Mayor and County Recognition Day for National Service.

On Tuesday morning, volunteers could be seen unloading trucks with canned goods, packaging loafs of bread and stocking the shelves of the Pantry.

With Tuesday typically being a busy day at the facility, there was no shortage of helping hands on deck. The volunteer groups that took part in the event included the Lafayette County Retired and Seniors Volunteer Program, the Lafayette County Foster Grandparent Program and members of the North MS VISTA Project from Ole Miss.

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Oxford Mayor George “Pat” Patterson came out to thank the hardworking volunteers along with Lafayette County Board of Supervisors President Jeff Busby.

Edy Dingus, with the VISTA program, says that the day was special because typically the program she’s in doesn’t do “direct service.”

“We’re sort of the background, behind the scenes players,” she said. “Days of service like the Mayor’s Day of Service and September 11th Day of Service allow us to fulfill that dream of providing direct service, especially in the community where we work.”

Another AmeriCorps VISTA member, Benjamin Parkman, echoed Dingus’ sentiments.

“I think that the Mayor’s Day of Service is important to us because we get to come out to a place like the Pantry and stock the shelves,” he said. “It’s about giving back to the community and seeing the impact that it has. You see that you’re one step closer to trying to make things better for all groups of people.”