Oxford School District Superintendant Brian Harvey recommends cutting 3 faculty positions

Published 10:03 am Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Superintendent of the Oxford School District, Brian Harvey, has given the board his recommendation on what to do with three jobs that were in question with relation to the school system’s budget for next year.

The positions that have the possibility of being cut are a technology interventionist for Bramlett Elementary, an English language interventionist at Oxford Elementary and a reading specialist at Della Davidson Elementary.

Harvey recommended that the board continued as planned to cut the three positions from the budget.

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“I do believe that if we were to prioritize, the one position that I think could be justified would be the (English language interventionist) position,” Harvey said. “And it wouldn’t be an EL position limited to one school. It would be an EL position that would aid all elementary students.”

The possibility of expanding the Pre-K program also factored into Harvey’s recommendation.

“I do think that more budget cuts from the state are coming and I think the need to replenish our fund balance and get out of the short-term loan department allows us to better prepare for the future financially and to possibly expand Pre-K,” the superintendent added.

Board member Ray Hill said he “reluctantly agree(d)” with Harvey’s recommendation.

“I’m personally disappointed that the recommendation is not to keep one of those positions, but I respect your recommendation,” Hill added. “I think we have the money to do it. It’s $50,000 to keep one of these positions and we have a budget of $51 million. If you truly believe that we can serve these kids as well as we did last year, and at the same time put money back into the fund balance, then I support your decision.”

Scott Shipman, also on the board, ultimately agreed with Harvey’s tough decision.

“With the budget cuts, I understand,” Shipman said. “But I do intend on getting these kids covered with the instruction they need so we can bridge this achievement gap.”