Oxford School District has building plans

Published 2:00 am Sunday, July 23, 2017

Soon, you’ll notice some changes coming to the facilities in the Oxford School District.

At their board meeting last Monday, the Board of Trustees approved a Capital Improvement Plan which will be set in motion at the beginning of this school year and conclude around August 2020.

Once all is said and done, the Capital Improvement Plan will total an estimated $41,780,505.

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Details of the plans can be found on the Oxford School District website at www.oxfordsd.org.

Much of the work is planned for summer so as to avoid interrupting classes.

According to plans by the architecture firm Eley Guild Hardy, the OSD will start renovating Bramlett Elementary School this fall. This will include re-roofing certain areas, replacing select kitchen equipment and changing window designs to be more energy efficient.

In Winter 2018, work on the new elementary school is scheduled to be underway. The board is still in the final stages of planning for that project.

Oxford Intermediate School will have a new fine arts building attached to it along with two new classrooms. That’s on the schedule for Fall 2017 to Fall 2018.

Plans for Oxford Middle School show renovations to the building’s interior including the addition of home economics and special education spaces.

New ballparks at OHS

At Oxford High School, a new fine arts building (with a new theater) is in the works along with new art and culinary arts classrooms. The band hall will also be renovated into a practice gym.

Also at Oxford High School, a new baseball and softball field has been planned for sometime between Summer 2018 and Summer 2019.

Eventually, the district has plans to move their central administrative office by Winter 2019.

The board is set to have a vote on a bond resolution during a special meeting called for tomorrow morning at 8 a.m.

“The resolution will include all items in the capital improvement plan except the new administration building,” Superintendent Brian Harvey said. “Further discussions are being had with the architect about the timing of construction projects. There may be some items that are moved up or back contingent on how they impact cost. There may be some financial advantage to pairing certain projects together.”

The Details

Oxford School District Capital Improvement Plan Projects:

Bramlett Elementary

• Replace low sloped roof

• Replace HVAC system in selected areas

• Replace exterior wall finish system

• Kitchen renovations

• Replace all doors and door hardware to meet ADA

• Replace window systems

• Egress windows and doors/fire suppresion

Expected Cost: $1,818,187

Expected Completion: Summer 2018

New Oxford Elementary School

New building including furniture located on North 5th Street

Expected cost: $15,867,000

Expected Completion: Summer 2020

Oxford Intermediate School

• Add two new classrooms

• Add fine arts building

Expected Cost: $1,372,237

Expected Completion: Fall 2018

Oxford Middle School

• Renovate home ec, special education, arts and science spaces

• Renovate teacher’s work room and restrooms

• Renovate drama and choir rooms

Expected Cost: $1,560,094

Expected Completion: Winter 2018

Oxford High School

• New fine arts building, including performing theatre, drama classrooms and culinary arts classroom

• Renovate existing band hall into practice gym

• Renovate existing art and drama classrooms into academic classrooms

Expected Cost: $13,419,762

Expected Completion: Summer 2020

OHS Baseball/Softball Complex

Expected Cost: $3,980,725

Expected Completion: Summer 2019

Oxford Administration Complex

Expected Cost: $3,762,500

Expected Completion: Winter 2019

Total Proposed Renovations & Additions: