Oxford School District makes October ‘Principals Month’

Published 10:21 am Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Oxford School District took time during their monthly meeting on Monday to honor some of the most influential figures in the school system: principals.

A resolution was read by Superintendent Brian Harvey, praising the principals for all that they do and proclaiming October as Principals Month.

“Principals are expected to be education visionaries, instructional leaders, assessment experts, disciplinarians, community builders, public relations experts, facility managers and special programs administrators,” the resolution read. “Principals set the academic tones for their schools.”

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Principals from every school were present including Tamara Hillmer (Oxford Elementary), Bradley Roberson (Oxford High School), Marni Herrington (Della Davidson Elementary), Yolanda Logan (Oxford Learning Center), Steve Hurdle (Oxford Intermediate), Audra Rester (Oxford Middle) and Keri Jo Finnie (Bramlett Elementary).

Aside from the resolution, Harvey further praised the administrators.

“One thing that was left out that I don’t think the general public knows is how much time these individuals spend counseling,” the superintendent said. “You would think we’ve got counselors in every school, but trust me, for each and every one of them, that is a large portion of their day. Sometimes they counsel students, sometimes employees and sometimes parents. It is a tremendous honor to work with this group of individuals. They are a large part of the reason we have had the success we’ve had in the district.”