Live updates: Ole Miss Chancellor Jeffrey Vitter, athletic director Ross Bjork talk NCAA’s ruling in Ole Miss’ infractions case

Published 12:58 pm Friday, December 1, 2017

Ole Miss will hold a press conference at 1 p.m. featuring Chancellor Jeffrey Vitter and athletic director Ross Bjork addressing the NCAA’s final ruling in the football program’s infractions case.

Check back here for live updates through the press conference.

• Chancellor Jeffrey Vitter said the school is “outraged” by the decision of the NCAA to add a two-year postseason ban. “It’s simply not warranted. … It’s clearly an excessive punishment.”

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• Vitter said “it’s a sad day for the entire Ole Miss family.” Said “we’ll fight” for players with appeal.

• Athletic director Ross Bjork said the school’s corrective action showed how serious school took the case. Mentions school’s previously self-imposed sanctions and said the school plans to “launch an appeal right away.”

• Bjork said something changed in the NCAA’s investigation in the spring of 2016 and “we strongly disagree with the tactics of the enforcement staff” at that point. That will be an emphasis in the school’s appeal, Bjork said.

• Bjork said the school is still sifting through the NCAA’s full report, and the school may not have every answer to questions today.

• Bjork said they’re still evaluating which wins will have to be vacated with the school still going through the report.

• Bjork said of Ole Miss’ cooperation during the investigation: “We’d rather be a part of the process rather than be isolated.” Said the school felt isolated at times by the NCAA during the

• Bjork said “we’re shocked” that the Committee on Infractions took Leo Lewis’ testimony as credible.

• Bjork said the school has 15 days to state it wants to appeal the decision and hopes to have appeal filed within the next week. Appealing the two-year bowl and the lack of institutional control.

• Vitter said “we did what we needed to do” when asked if the school had any regrets about the way it handled the investigation.

• Bjork said a different panel will be hearing Ole Miss’ appeal.

• Vitter said he holds Bjork “in the highest regard” as Ole Miss’ athletic director.

• Bjork said he met with Matt Luke and Ole Miss’ players this morning. The mood was “sad and little bit unknown.”

• Bjork said other schools can contact any rising seniors looking to transfer. It would be a violation if any other players are contacted by other schools.

• Bjork said “to my knowledge,” no rising seniors have indicated yet they are looking to transfer.

• Vitter said “we could’ve lived with the consequences” of the self-imposed sanctions, but the added bowl ban is “unacceptable.”