Ole Miss adding heavy hitters for NCAA appeal

Published 6:29 am Sunday, December 17, 2017

Ole Miss is serious about its appeal to the NCAA.

The university disagrees with the harsh penalties handed down for football violations, particularly the two-year bowl ban, which will be very costly.

Each year of the bowl ban costs the university millions because it must forfeit its share of conference post-season money. In times like this, every million matters.

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Plus, there’s also the issue that the NCAA may have been overly harsh in its punishment. Head coach Hugh Freeze got off easy and he was the man in charge. How does Ole Miss get a two-year bowl ban?

That’s why the university is so aggressive with its appeal. They have added a couple of Mississippi assets to the appeal team, including the law firm of Butler Snow and lawyer Don Barrett.

It’s also got the law firms previously used in its defense with the NCAA including Lightfoot, Franklin & White of Birmingham, Ala., and New York-based firm Bond, Schoeneck & King.

In other words, Ole Miss has a loaded team of four-star recruits for taking on the NCAA.

So, we can expect the university to make a worthy case in its appeal, with hopes of getting the two-year bowl ban rolled back to the one year already served

Now, it’s waiting to see how it all comes out.