Lafayette County hires on firefighters, approves subdivision plat

Published 9:46 am Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The Lafayette County Board of Supervisors approved the hiring or promotion of firefighters in Lafayette County after the finalizing the upcoming fiscal year’s budget and issued a plat for a new subdivision.

During the Monday morning meeting, the board approved employment of two captains, promotion of one part-time firefighter to captain, promotion of three part-time firefighters to lieutenant, promotion of three part-time firefighters to full-time firefighters and employment of three part-time firefighters in the Lafayette County Fire Department.

The county fire department has dealt with an influx of calls in the past year and requested additional help from the county to address the calls and the needs of the county residents.

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Due to the county’s approved Fiscal Year 2022 budget and increased milage, the fire department will be allowed to hire on nine full-time firefighters. There will be three 24-hour shifts and three firefighters stationed during each shift.

The firefighters will be stationed at Station 10 (Central) on County Road 1032 in Oxford. Along with the hired firefighters, a new pumper truck was purchased for the fire department.

The board also issued a preliminary plat, a neat and scaled drawing showing the layout of streets, lots, blocks, and other elements of a subdivision, to the Mayfield Subdivision.

D.V. Homes LLC is developing the 32-lot, single-family residential subdivision in a single-family unit and farming district on County Road 229 and Highway 30. According to the site plans, each lot will have 1.3 acres and 30 feet of right-away is designated for turning.

The representative of the developers will have to return before the Lafayette County Planning Commission and board to receive final approval and final plat.